Self Help Empowering Project


Self Help and Empowerment Project’

‘Bridging the gaps to healthier minds’

This project will help to raise self esteem, self confidence and actively encourage personal development through participation in a user led service.
We fully embrace the concept “Expert by personal experience”

Project purpose

  • To culturally meet the Mental Health needs and promote the well-being of Africans Caribbeans and Mixed Heritage members of the Bedford community
  • To bridge the gaps and remove any barriers to current services by providing services that adequately and culturally meet the multiple and diverse needs of this section of the community.
Project is for

  • Men and Women 18+
  • Africans, Caribbeans and Mixed Heritage people of those origins.
  • With mental health, social and or economic needs.

To develop a service that is both user led and ultimately user managed, and to support the users in securing resources that sustains this project.

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