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African and Caribbean Cookbook 2 – A Community Cookbook of worth!

Tales & Recipes from the Motherland Book 2 captures the spices and flavours of African and Caribbean dishes. Parents in the UK have linked their favourite foods with happy memories of life back home in Africa or Caribbean Islands.
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Front Final Book 2

Better Resettlement Project’s stdents 100% pass rate.

Our students on the Better Resettlement Project’s ESOL course have maintained a 100% pass rate. All smiles as they receive their B1 aka (entry level 3) ESOL certificates required before they can get on to the citizenship course. Congrats!! Multi-Heritage Organisation in partnership with Sports4Wellbeing.

Better Resettlement Project stdents complete their Citizenship Course

A Big Congratulations to all our students on the Better Resettlement Project who successfully completed their Citizenship Course AKA (Life in the UK course). All smiles as they receive their certificates. See Photos- (After party photos included)

Black History 2014

Black History Month 2014 was celebrated at the Multi-Heritage Centre by the Nigerian Community celebrating their 54th Independence Anniversary.

Photo and Article were in Bedfordshire Times & Citizen 30th October 2014

SUPPORTING YOUNG PEOPLE – Herringbone Heritage

The Herringbone Heritage Programme is designed to provide Mixed Race Children of all heritage with an educational insight into their own heritage, assisting and helping them to prepare for their future.